Posted by: yogmoney | February 9, 2009

What the world needs now…

What the world needs now……

We need music to come to our rescue.

We need rock & roll to help lead us out of the funk we’re in. We don’t need U2 or Coldplay to do it. They can’t. They aren’t capable. We need to find a new voice. A voice that will push us, make us uncomfortable. Someone who will challenge us, take us to new places.

We need rock & roll now more than ever. We don’t need the corporate rock you listen to every day on satellite radio. Nope. We need someone to come along and rock us. We need to be surprised. We need someone to wake us up, remind us who we are and why we love music. We need something familiar, something new, & something fresh.

Music has always been the thing that helps us cope with bad times. And, these times we’re living in right now aren’t great. No, we don’t need another big record from a big band playing it safe. We don’t need a record from a band that was once the exact thing we need now but somehow lost the plot. Nope, we don’t need political or social statements in our music right now. We are well aware of the perils of the world and frankly Bono we’re tired of listening to it. You want us to save the world. Right now, people are worried about saving themselves. I know that your causes are noble. You’ve done a lot of great things for people all over the world. You should be thanked and we all appreciate the hard work. I have to say though, along the way your art has suffered. You’re working too hard to get the messages into the music instead of just letting the music be the message.

What we need now is some god old-fashioned in-your-face rock. We need somebody to step out of the wings. We need to see them break some guitars. Kick in a drum or two. Dive into the crowd with no fear. We want to read about you breaking apart a hotel room. We want to see you deal with the angst you’ve had since you were a kid. We need it. We need to see your demise right in front of us. We want to watch you self-destruct. We need to feel your pain so we can forget about ours for a while. We want your energy.

No Amy Winehouse, its not you we need. We need more than you can possibly give us.

We need a new voice now more than ever. In order for us to deal with our own demons we must watch you exorcize yours. We need to feel better about ourselves and we need your help to do it. We need your sense of reckless abandonment. We need your youthful energy. We need you to make big mistakes, right in front of everyone. We need you to do it and never look back. We need somebody to step up and be fearless. We need someone to let go. Where are you? I know you’re out there somewhere, playing in a club in Pittsburgh or Detroit. I know you’re out there, suffering, struggling, dreaming, playing for the fun of it in an empty room in some dark smoke filled club.

We need a Janis Joplin. We need a Jim Morrison.  We need a new Keith Richards. We need the energy and the mischief of the young Rolling Stones. We need a Jimi Hendrix. We need Curt Cobain. We need a new Nirvana. But, we need you to be yourself. We don’t want you to imitate these originals. We want you to be yourself.

Of Montreal? Nah, too trendy.

The Killers? Over-hyped.

Coldplay? You saw them in their Sgt. Pepper’s get-ups at the Grammy’s, right? Nah.

Radiohead? My favorite band. Sorry, you aren’t it either. You aren’t angry enough.

Kid Rock? Dude, are you kidding me? He has no chance of saving us.

My Morning Jacket?– nice jam band. Not enough angst. It won’t work.

Fallout Boy? Are you kidding me? They are too disposable.

Jack White? Doubtful.

The Strokes? You had it for a minute and then you lost it.

Who will it be? Where are you? Are you hiding from us? If you are out there and you can hear me, please step to the microphone and let us have it. The stage door is unlocked and the guitars have been tuned. Step on up and pull us through.

It’s always been music that has led us out of tough times. 

Feel free to test the boundaries. Redefine them. No one else is doing it right now.

We need defiance, rage, angst, passion, energy, connection, self-destruction, redemption.

We need you back rock ‘n roll.

And we need you now, more than ever.

The crowd is waiting. Entertain us.

Please hurry up and save us all.


  1. well put.

    but i think you mean more than “think like it’s the 60s.”

    i think you’re saying “think like it’s today”

    • Lee – thx for the comment. you are right. i went back and read it again. i took it out.

      i hope that all is well with you.


  2. Well said, my friend!

    Bring on The WHO, genII…

  3. Agree. It all comes down to buzz and the viral impressions to lift a band out of obscurity. Using Pandora, you’ll find 100’s of bands with similar beats, sound, etc like Rolling Stones. It even picks up the most unknown bands, ie. little local Boston band – Girls, Guns and Roses. But the challenge is how a band can organically get into our hearts and minds to make noise without selling out.

  4. I will agree to the need for authenticity and even the bare struggle to overcome imperfection. Not sure we need another tragic hero who self-destructs before our eyes, though. Real hope is the new order in my book.

  5. I’m not sure the next big thing will be in the rock and roll genre. I predict a return to folk (aren’t there some signs of that?) or recycling 40s standards (I think there are a few signs of that too.)

    I learnt about your blog from a mutual friend and am enjoying it. I used to be a major music fan, college DJ, feeling on the forefront of New Wave — you get the idea. Then life and becoming an expat got in the way; but thanks to the glories of the Internet I’ve been getting back into my rock and roll ways (much to my husband’s, and sometimes even my teenage daughter’s, dismay…)

    “But lately I’ve been going to the places that we once knew…”

    Keep up the great writing.

  6. LMFAO!! You are really becoming a funny guy Geoff.

  7. As others have said – I’m not sure there is someone who can break out to give us a message, but I’m sure the lyrics of the who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” are appropriate for this time. It may have to be the music of the 1950s and 1960s that lets us go back and forget for a bit, and then the music of the early 1970s. One song that comes to mind – The Youngbloods “Get Together”. The end of the song give me some hope…

    If you hear the song we sing
    You will understand.
    You hold the key to love and fear
    In your trembling hand.
    Just one key unlocks them both
    It’s there at your command
    C’mon people now
    Smile on your brother
    Ev’rybody get together
    Try to love one another right now

  8. I love this! And you are right Geoff.

  9. After I read this I already felt better. I felt like I didn’t have to pretend to like U2 anymore and pretend that Bono is my saviour. He’s not. (yes, he is for others) I AM worried about saving myself. But not in the way of the economy etc. Saving myself in a way like I want to keep the part of me that likes to turn music up and sing loud and NOT have it be a political rant or a whiney song about some social issue. I’m tired of EVERYTHING I do having to have meaning and purpose greater than just me. I recycle, I give to charity, I rescue dogs…no, really, but sometimes, I just want to listen to music that talks to me and not tries to preach, admonish, or teach me. How about, as well said in this piece, just rock me.

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