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Thanks Mom & Dad

Thanks Mom & Dad

by Geoff Cottrill

July 2009

Life is funny. There isn’t a day that passes when I don’t find something to make me smile, to make me laugh. Yet, as funny as life is it’s also become complicated. At what point did life change from the carefree attitude of our youth to the responsibility heavy, chaotic life I am now living?

I am going to be 46 years old in a few months. No, this isn’t a piece about some approaching mid-life crisis. I’ve long ago accepted the fact that the clock is ticking. There isn’t much any of us can do about that and a fancy new sports car isn’t going to change it.

Instead of chasing things I don’t have anymore, like my youth, I am going to take a minute and think about all that I have. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have a wonderful life. A happy family, love, a beautiful home in the country, a fun job, and hope that my two daughters will find peace, joy, and true love.

This one is about stopping for a minute and smelling the roses. I am going to leave the sharp tongue and sarcasm out of this entry. This piece is about giving thanks to two people I owe my very existence to. Yes, this one’s for you Mom & Dad. I have a feeling this piece is going to take a little time to write as I am finding the tears hard to hold back as I write this. You see, I owe these two people thanks because of all they have done for me; for my brother; for my sister; and for the rest of our extended family.

My Mom & Dad had me when they were 18-19 years old. They were living in Cleveland, Ohio. They were high school sweethearts who found themselves in love and in a situation that called for them to get married. Yes, I was born approx 7 months after they were married. Although we’ve never actually talked about this I am pretty sure that I am right. I was educated in the great state of Florida so sometimes my math skills are a little shaky, but I think I have this one figured out.

Yes, two kids in love that made a choice. As a result of the choice they made I am here today, typing away, sharing my thoughts with you.

The older I get. The more time I spend watching my own two beautiful daughters grow up in front of my eyes. The more I realize how difficult it is to raise a happy, loving family, the deeper I understand the amount of sacrifice it takes.

My folks provided me with everything in the world. They taught me right from wrong. They showed me the meaning of love. They showed me that using common sense and treating people the way I myself want to be treated was the key to success. They came to my soccer, baseball, and football games. They provided so much and at the same time sacrificed so much. They did this for us. Two kids in love, dedicated their lives to raising three kids, putting us all through college – something they didn’t get to do themselves.

I could go on and on about all they gave but I won’t.

Today, as I contemplate the middle of the crazy life I have lived. I stop for a minute and think about all that I have to be grateful for. There are many things. I don’t know about you or the state of your life today. I hope that whatever life you are living that it is filled with the simple and powerful joys of love. Take a minute to think about, and then take the time to reach out and say thanks to, the people you are most grateful to.

For me, today I’d like to say thanks to those two kids who fell in love 46 years ago and have never stopped giving since.

Thanks Mom & Dad.

I love you.


  1. Having “THREE GREAT CHILDREN” has made it all worthwhile.

    Love Ya !

  2. Our Life is fun having “THREE GREAT CHILDREN”

    Loue Ya !

    Dad & Mom

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