Posted by: yogmoney | December 2, 2010

Almost Home

Home – is there a better place on earth?

I do a fair bit of moving around these days. It seems that most of my time lately has been spent between places. Rarely settled. I find myself on a plane today, a Saturday, flying over the Atlantic Ocean heading back to beautiful New England from the even more beautiful original one. Between there and home, 30,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean, craving the sweet smell of my wife Allie’s neck.

Home. That’s where I want to be right now. The place where my two little girls, getting bigger and bigger everyday, are growing up while I spend my time in between where i have been and where i need to be. I want to see their bright smiles, hear their laughter as they chase our dog Tucker around the house. These are the things i miss when i am stuck in the in-between places. These empty places.

Home. That’s where i need to be right now. The place where i feel safe, loved, and grounded. The place where i remind myself whats important in life. Things like laughter, connection, touch, family, and most of all love.

Home. The place where my three favorite people in the world always are while I’m in between here and there.

Home. I’m almost there.

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